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13th May 2018, 4:52 AM
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Author Notes:
13th May 2018, 4:52 AM

Any guesses as to where the story goes from here, with KA out of the picture (at least for a while)?

Also, new Patreon content filling out the backstory, made possible by YOUR support; https://www.patreon.com/wyrecats

And new incentive for Voting on TopWebComics, a look inside Lamar's new armor; http://www.topwebcomics.com/vote/21571

13th May 2018, 5:26 AM

They continue on their own. Just because KA's the protagonist doesn't mean she has to be in every story arc, after all.
If they end up in trouble without her, I'm sure they'll have KA on their side (either physically or emotionally) to rescue them.

13th May 2018, 11:24 AM

Honestly, if they start to lead the way their leader (KA) might come back. It'll "prove" to her that they are worth joining again.

13th May 2018, 2:48 PM

K.A’s gonna be back sooner or later. She did seem like such a driving force behind the Wyrecats though. I’d wanna hear how the future looks to Lamar and what they’ll be shooting for.

13th May 2018, 8:00 PM

This won't go well. Mela and Bryce/Tadeo are compromised, and the Scumba...er, Powers that be think that Lamar is dead. Lamar's new armor might throw them off for a while, but if the remaining team members do anything overt, the authorities are going to smell a Rattus Giganticus and attack again .

14th May 2018, 1:31 AM

That assumes that they'll be going up against TPTB without help.....

14th May 2018, 10:34 PM

Wait, help? Are you planning something we don't see coming? (He said hopefully.) :)

19th May 2018, 4:22 AM

What would make sense is to clean-up messes left behind from the previous journeys and years. If you have that rare second chance, taking advantage helps!

7th Jun 2018, 9:05 PM

K.A will come back, definitely. She just needs some time.

9th Jun 2018, 5:38 AM

Sooner or later, guess which one...

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