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At Least One More Chance in Chapter V: Stand Back Up
22nd Jan 2018, 2:01 AM
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At Least One More Chance

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Author Notes:
22nd Jan 2018, 2:01 AM

The nanite serum that Lamar stole from the Pentagon and used to revive K.A. was as close to a panacea as the world could get. Such creations are extremely powerful, capable of making men into monsters, the sick into (physically) healthy, and transcending notions of humanity itself. They only had one, and Bryce declined it shortly before the events of the first strip. If K.A. had the choice, she probably would've declined that burden as well...

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22nd Jan 2018, 2:15 AM

I suppose you could try breaking into the pentagon again, but that doesn't exactly sound like a smart plan...

22nd Jan 2018, 5:11 AM

the consequences keep piling up, even in a world with a panacea.. But the chapter title has me quietly optimistic!

22nd Jan 2018, 4:42 PM

Is Lamar saying "No kidding" to KA being more deserving than Bryce? Or to the "isn't a genius fix?" If it's the former, that's a bit harsh O.O

I know we never got to see the team completely together other than in flashbacks, but it'd be nice to see them together again if they get KA :D Well, as together as can be with Bryce in this state.

25th Jan 2018, 4:06 AM

The latter, it wasn't an easy choice at all

24th Jan 2018, 6:40 AM

You know, gang, there's a reason K.A. left, and it wasn't to play hide-and-seek....

28th Jan 2018, 1:31 PM

Oh wow, so Bryce beasically gave up his own life for K.A? I'd say a noble gesture like that made me think he deserved the second chance, if that would've been enough to give it to him. Who knows?

2nd Feb 2018, 4:18 AM

I have the hardest time believing that there "isn't a genius fix to everything," because I am one, and feel the need to right all wrongs.....

14th Feb 2018, 1:09 AM

Finding her may not be the hard part. Convincing her to come back will.

18th Feb 2018, 2:16 AM

Oh man. That third panel is the face of somebody who had no idea what they were about to go through. Not that it takes away from his personal sacrifice, of course.

21st Mar 2018, 3:19 AM

I really need to go back and catch up on the events of the first chapter.

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