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K.A. Has Come To in Prelude
26th Jun 2016, 3:16 AM
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K.A. Has Come To

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Author Notes:
26th Jun 2016, 3:16 AM

All of the Wyrecats had nanomachines injected into them, acting as the "driver" software needed to control their armors. With those extra artificial synapses, they can operate the armor as naturally as if it were just another limb. Apparently there are some undocumented features, as well...

26th Jun 2016, 3:29 AM

Once again... Ain't that a kick in the head.

27th Jun 2016, 2:05 AM

Sneak peek of the antagonist?

27th Jun 2016, 3:29 AM

One of them, at least

27th Jun 2016, 4:36 PM

lol. Way to break the news, doc.
"Good news, now you don't have to wait to finish all your favorite TV series."

27th Jun 2016, 10:24 PM

"And you'll have fewer loved ones to take up your binge-watching time!"

28th Jun 2016, 11:38 PM

Wow, great bed-side manner, doc. Come on! I have more tact in my little finger than...



29th Jun 2016, 7:00 PM

Eh, slip of the tongue. Could happen to anybody.
But why did the nanobots wait so long to put her back together?

30th Jun 2016, 6:21 AM

Thanks for the comment. That's one of many, many mysteries being set up here....

30th Jun 2016, 7:38 AM

Rookie move there, Doc.

19th Jun 2019, 9:03 PM

Eh, they would've had to tell her sooner or later. At least the cat's out of the bag.
And who is the mysterious stranger/machine/person inside of a suit in that first panel? Surely not one of the physical therapists.

6th Jul 2016, 10:12 PM

Five... years? Yikes!

I love the transhumanism in your stories, Neil!

14th Aug 2016, 6:33 PM

BTW, the world as you knew it just changed... on the other hand, you have like 11 seasons of Game of Thrones to catch up to.

16th Jul 2017, 11:45 AM

I love how casually she reveals this to her hahah

14th Feb 2018, 12:37 AM

5 years is a long time girl. I'm sure a lot must have happened.

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Wyrecats 0-5: K.A. Has come to

PANEL ONE: K.A. scrunches her brow in strained remembrance as she struggles to visualize the last thing she saw, a menacing figure in a silver exoskeleton standing above her, with a menacing toothy smile on their mask and an arm cannon pointing down at her.

K.A.: But the rest is….the rest…the rest is…well..

PANEL TWO: Dr. Cree continues talking to K.A. as she starts to sit upright.

DR. CREE: Don’t worry dear, it’ll all come back to you. The fact that you’re conscious at all is nothing short of a true miracle!

PANEL THREE: As Dr. Cree happily talks to K.A. about her recovery, we see X-Rays of K.A.’s skull. The first is after her injury, with a prominent hole in the middle of her cranium, with cracks spreading across her entire forehead. The second one has the hole and its fractures filled in with a glittering golden substance.

DR. CREE: Until a week a go you were in a persistent vegetative state…but then, the nanomachines in your bloodstream started repairing the damage, even growing new tissues across all systems in your body! In some ways, you’re even healthier than you were five years ago…

PANEL FOUR: K.A. looks up at Dr. Cree, her eyes opening wide for the first time in years.

K.A.: Did you just say five…years?

PANEL FIVE: Dr. Cree freezes in place, her own eyes widening and her mouth gaping open as she realizes the gravity of her error.

DR. CREE: Oops.