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Lightning Rescue in Chapter 1: Same New World
4th Sep 2016, 2:36 AM
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Lightning Rescue

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Author Notes:
4th Sep 2016, 2:36 AM

Enhanced reflexes, speed, vision, durability, and the ability to run up walls and then perform a Mega Man X-style kick-jump are just a few of the Caracal armor's many features.

4th Sep 2016, 3:51 AM

I hope K.A has a speech about life ready, she going to need it.

4th Sep 2016, 2:42 PM

Times are that tough huh? I really dig the second panel where K.As trail is just zooming across and over the traffic!

5th Sep 2016, 3:13 AM

Looks like she arrived just in time. Big damn hero ftw! :D

6th Sep 2016, 6:46 AM

Beautiful page! I was waiting on a scene like this and you delivered. I was originally thinking K.A.'s story would be one in which she would have to change to overcome the challenges of her new world. Now I'm thinking it may be the other way around. I really enjoyed your action sequence and now I request that action figure feature blue LEDs in the eyes and parts of the armor.

6th Sep 2016, 11:56 PM

Thank you. Getting an action figure made of any of my characters is literally on my bucket list. That said, I would probably just use translucent plastic on the eyes, with a panel in the back to "pipe" light through a la Transformers toys.

15th Sep 2018, 9:05 PM

This would make a fun cartoon

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1.) Atop of Bryce’s limousine, K.A. crouches and channels visible blue energy into her boots.

K.A.: Overdrive!

2.) K.A. leaps from car to car at high speeds, quickly crossing the traffic jam. She leaves a trail of blue energy in her wake as pedestrians and emergency workers stare, dumbfounded.

3.) K.A.’s optic sensors highlight a teenage girl with bushy brown hair and baggy green clothes falling from a hugh building.

K.A. Not today...

4.) K.A. runs up the side of the building, reaching the falling girl’s position.

5.) K.A. kicks herself off of the wall and jumps towards the falling girl.

6.) With the girl in her arms, K.A. lands on the ground dozens of stories below, without a scratch to either her or the rescued jumper. The girl, with tears streaming down her face, gapes at her savior.

7.) K.A. looks down through her helmet lenses at the girl, who sits on the ground in shock.

K.A.: It’s okay, you’re safe.

GIRL: Why??