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To Stand Or Not in Chapter VII: Surface Tension
1st Apr 2019, 2:39 AM
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To Stand Or Not

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Author Notes:
1st Apr 2019, 2:39 AM

I'll be retroactively adding transcripts to all the pages in the coming weeks and months, in order to provide a non-visual accommodation for the comic, and to provide some extra context for readers.

You may notice that this layout was previously used from Lamar's perspective. He's still a prisoner of his past traumas, including his mistakes.

I'm still really swamped with real life concerns, including an upcoming move from Southern California to the Pacific Northwest, so bear with me for the delays. That said, Wyrecats is a living document that is constantly growing and expanding, and your support will ensure that it continues to do so.

1st Apr 2019, 3:15 AM

I like the idea of the transcripts, but as-is it's a bit difficult to read with how it's formatted (mostly due to using the author's note for the transcript). Yeah, it works for screen readers, but not all visually/reading impaired people use screen readers (otherwise dyslexia-friendly fonts wouldn't exist).

Fortunately, there's actually a way you can add transcripts to all the pages with custom formatting, without needing the author's note!

In the edit/upload options for each page, there's a box at the bottom for you to put your dialogue (you may have to enable it first in settings). It's meant for the search function, but if you put the code "[v:transcript]" (no quote marks) somewhere on your comic page's layout, the dialogue you typed show up there. Then, you can use CSS to format the transcript however you like!

1st Apr 2019, 3:46 AM

Thank you so much bud! I'm putting it below the comments section. Any other advice on how to best format it would be appreciated.

1st Apr 2019, 9:08 AM

Transcripts was a nice idea. I don't personally need the aid for the Reading/viewing but still find it interesting seeing how people layout their scripts.

And the scene with Lamar here is gold. Great use of recurring phrasing!

13th Apr 2019, 5:41 PM

I can't wait to see Lamar stand his ground and fight those troops. Grant it, they deserve a good ass kicking after what they did to Rico.

21st Apr 2019, 12:23 AM

I hope Lamar will not stand down. It'll be nice to see him punish those men.

21st Apr 2019, 10:49 AM

I would imagine it's REALLY hard to let some things go, when they've been haunting you your whole life...

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Wyrecats 6-2: To Stand or Not

PANEL 1: 2006

First person flashback to Lamar’s kindergarten years. Two little boys playing on the floor look away from him, speaking up to an adult teacher who towers over them.

BOY: Miss Roberts, do we have to play with Lamar? He’s not like us! He can’t even stand!

PANEL 2: 2011

First person flashback to Lamar’s grade school years. He’s sitting in the office of an older white woman who looks down at him and smiles patronizingly.

WOMAN: Skip ahead a grade? Well, your grades are stellar…but Lamar dear, wouldn’t it be more than you could stand?

PANEL 3: 2018

First person flashback to immediately after the Expo Crisis. Lamar is looking down at Bryce, most of his armor removed, banged up from the attack with a sprained arm. He’s crying, pleading with Lamar.

BRYCE: Lamar, please! I know you’re mad, we all are! But we’re going against the USA! We gotta be smart about this! We gotta stand down!

PANEL 4: 2022

First person flashback to a dark room underground. BUER, the terrorist in Lamar’s repurposed Ignis cell, is speaking to him with his arms folded dominantly.
BUER: This is a nice XAG you built, I’ll give you that son…but I’m gonna need a lot more cash to stand with you.

PANEL 5: 2023

First person perspective in the present. The Alpha Pinscher commander is pointing his shotgun down at Lamar’s face.

ALPHA: Get away from the child. Stand down.