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10th Feb 2019, 2:48 AM
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Author Notes:
10th Feb 2019, 2:48 AM

Slowly but surely, Wyrecats is getting back on track. I'm evaluating a lot of things in my life and work and hopefully they'll all come together to make more and better comics.

In the meantime, the cast page has been completely updated! Profiles are available for the original four as well as Tadeo, Tabbi, and Jens. More hints as to how this story connects to a certain other comic are dropped.

You may also recognize the likenesses of several characters from some favorite webcomics of mine in the last panel’s destroyed break room, clockwise from bottom left;
Iro from True Colors by Tripp Gustin
Reggie from Here I Lie Awake by melaredblu
Jake from It’s Just Another Day by Bluraven C. Houvener
Ethan from Heart of Keol by Keii (back of head and beefy neck)
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10th Feb 2019, 3:52 AM

They're sending troops left and right, but they're not sending them up or down!

10th Feb 2019, 6:25 PM

Ah, excellent use of a power suit!

Poor cameo characters cannot have a quiet break!

10th Feb 2019, 9:35 PM

Now THAT'S thinking outside the box LOL!

11th Feb 2019, 2:14 AM

Everyone forgets to cover the roof

14th Feb 2019, 2:40 AM

Well, that's Lamar--courteous as always. ^^

15th Feb 2019, 9:24 PM

How smart of Lamar to think in a a three axis environment!

10th Aug 2019, 7:52 AM

I have returned! Looks like Lamar is still showcasing the true awesomeness of the Wyrecats' suits, and some fun dialogue to throw-in, too!

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