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Inaugural fan art by Melaredblu, creator of the emotional rollercoaster and chromatic masterpiece Magical Girl webcomic that is Princess Chroma. Mela and K.A. in happier times.

Slick (and hilariously literal) Inktober sketch of an unknown Wyrecats villain by Blunose C. Houvener of the stylish, funny, and sometimes uncomfortable coming-of-age comic It's Just Another Day.  Honored to have been the subject of one of his 31 daily choices.

Beautifully stylized full-color image of K.A.by Jessie W. Craig of the beautifully disturbing cartoon nightmare psychodrama (in more than one way) Sweet Dreams are Made of Worms. Love the hair detail.

Another image of K.A. in full Caracal armor, this time by Shane Rivett of beautiful, sprawling, and diverse superhero epic Heroes of the World and Beyond. Especially impressive and expressive "tail" whip movement. 

SUBLIME painting of K.A. by my good friend Dave Clarke.  Accomplishes the mighty challenge of making my crazed cybernetic animal armor designs look realistic, and awesome in that context!

Sleek, propaganda-worthy image of K.A.'s Mark Two Caracal armor by Chippewa Ghost, creator of the politically insightful and brutal Let it Ride series, currently on its latest installment: Bleach Blonde Valkyries of the Fourth Reich.