Comic 10 - Lemon-Colored Glasses

14th Jul 2016, 12:36 AM in Chapter 1: Same New World
Lemon-Colored Glasses
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NeilKapit 14th Jul 2016, 12:36 AM edit delete
Pay close attention to this sequence, showing events from Many Years Ago, featuring K.A.'s father. He certainly looks in better shape than he does now. The yellow photo filter I use for the past scenes helps.

Also, you may recognize Mr. Percival's bodyguard as a grown-up Jake from It's Just Another Day, having gotten past his wacky adolescent escapades and brutal growing pains to...go into private security? Even so, I strongly recommend Bluraven C Houvener's comic.


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BluRaven C. Houvener 14th Jul 2016, 12:59 AM edit delete reply
BluRaven C. Houvener
Aw man you flatter me so much! Thank you!
I'm loving what you're doing with this series, both in story and style!
ProfEtheric 14th Jul 2016, 3:29 AM edit delete reply
1) Loving the comic! Are you going to go full mythology like with Ruby?

2) Loving the links! That is a tool that you and I share, and I pity anyone who "speed reads" through your work.

3) So cool to see Jake here. Nice cameo pick!

Now to see where you go from here!
NeilKapit 14th Jul 2016, 6:07 AM edit delete reply
Yes, because Ruby Nation and We Are The Wyrecats take place in the same world...
ProfEtheric 14th Jul 2016, 6:20 AM edit delete reply
I thought they might, but I wasn't going to ask... :)
hipopotamo 14th Jul 2016, 6:11 PM edit delete reply
Nice, I expect little tidbits telling us about the fate of Ruby's gang.

So, Ruby's World happened in the 2000s?
That would set my comic in the 90s ;)
NeilKapit 15th Jul 2016, 1:12 AM edit delete reply
Wouldn't that be an alternate dimension where everything got worse for both teams, as opposed to the same timeline?
hipopotamo 14th Aug 2016, 6:37 PM edit delete reply
I always like to think of Ruby's world as a probable future for M9 Girls giving the incipient technocracy there... Also, for some reason the Girls seem to live in the 90s
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